Rapid Testing Booth

Healthcare staff can examine patients and take sample swabs through arm-length gloves fitted in the booth wall. This helps keep workers safe and conserves personal protective equipment (PPE), thus reducing the PPE cost.

Safe Guard Screen

This clamp-on desk divider effectively creates an individual space that reduces the spread of airborne viruses and blocks out visual distractions around your desk. The clamp-on design and compact construction make this desk privacy panel compatible with a wide variety of desks and tabletops, plus easy to install. Our Safe Guard Screen is constructed of 16-gauge steel that is powder coated with SEFA 8 chemical resistant powder coating, providing the best surface to clean and disinfect.

Biological Safety Cabinets

The Interceptor BSC provides protection of the samples and the environment through HEPA filtered air. Our patented filter-change process allows certifying technicians to complete filter replacement and decontamination faster than competitive cabinets. These are just a few of the qualities incorporated for your safety.

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